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Larry Munson
"Voice of the Dawgs "
(September 2006)
Extremely professional company, prompt response. They resolved my animal problem and their "Gutter Restoration" looked awsome.


Kevin Willis
NBA Star

(September 2006)
March of 2006, your company came out to my house in Atlanta to resolve a problem I had been dealing with for a month. The technician was extremely knowledgable, took the time to explain why I was having the problem, explained the process to resolve the problem permanently, and scheduled the work on the vary next day. The problem was solved and the technician provided great follow up.


Steve Rayman
Auto Dealerships

(September 2006)
Hard working group of professionals who are experts in animal exclusion, I was impressed how well they know this business. They worked on my house last summer and I've had no problems since then. Great work.

Sami N. - Chamblee (December 2006)

I'm a market research professional and manage several customer satisfaction surveys, so I know what it takes to make a happy customer in a service industry. Working with
Animals B Gone is time and money well spent!!

I had called 3 other competitors a week before calling you guys. I got zero response from "them" and received an immediate call back from YOU. On top of that, Chris was completely open to work within my schedule, offering to meet us at the house well beyond normal work hours without hesitation (I challenge any service company to show up at 7:30 PM on a Monday night and on time).

The problem diagnosis was very clear and concise. The ultimate work performed was thorough, efficient, and very fast. Chris took the time to explain certain animal habits to set our expectations of the days to come once the house is sealed off.

As a follow up to the work, Chris stopped by a few weeks later to make one last check of all possible entry points to ensure our complete satisfaction.

1) Their response time is unreal. I think 30 seconds passed once I left them a voicemail and hung up the phone and got a call back.

2) Flexibility with the customers' schedule is unmatched. Work with any other company and all you'll get is, "we'll be there anytime between 8 AM to 3 PM..."

3) Initial consultation is very clear and they take the time to tell give alternatives to their recommendations

4) The ultimate work performed is not considered complete until the customer is satisfied. Ask yourself how many times you've begged other companies to come back and recheck their work, only to get lame excuses. When I had questions a couple of weeks later, Chris stopped by, checked a few things, made a few tweaks here and there, and here I am today telling you how great they's that simple.

Homa Behmardi - Roswell (March 2005)
" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I bought my home in the spring of 2003. Shortly thereafter we learned that we had a large Roof Rat infestation in our attic and crawl space. We first contacted our exterminator to resolve the problem, they treated our house with rat poison which was a disaster. The poison that they used caused rats to die in our home, the smell was horrible. When we called them back and they told us that there was nothing more they could do. We then contacted another animal control company who came out and charged us $195 dollars to remove one dead rat from our attic and another $295 dollars to seal 3 holes where they said the rats were entering our home from the roof line. The sleepless nights from noises in the attic continued.. we still had rats. We called them back and they told us there was nothing else that could be done, they refused to even come back out and take a look at our house. A friend who had used your services in the past, gave us your number. Matt and Andrew came out to our house removed 2 dead rats from our attic, one from our crawl space. They spent 6 hours going over our house from top to bottom, pointing out how the rats were entering our home. They closed all entry points and set traps to get the remaining rats. They came back out 4 days later and removed 6 more rats, 5 days later 3 more rats and a week later to get the last one. It's now been almost 6 months and we have not seen, heard, and more importantly smelled a rat in our home. God, I wished we would have called you guys first!"

Sandra Wilson - Lawrenceville (August 2004)
You guys are the best, thank you.. 3 times we have tried to kill the Yellow Jackets that had nested in the wall behind my daughters bedroom, each time the exterminator came out our problem only seemed to get worse. Mike and Juan spend almost 6 hours removing the siding to get to the nest. They removed the nest and all of the bees the same day. They replaced the siding, making it look better than before and the bees are gone and haven't come back. Thanks again! Your prices were very reasonable, the techs you sent out were super nice and really know their business. The other key reason we went with your company was, unlike the other people we called, you gave us a guarantee on the work.

Dr. Marcus Johnstone - Athens (September 2005)
My eleven year old daughter had eight of her friends spend the night with us at our lake house at Oconee . At 10 pm they started screaming because two bats had entered our living room there were they were all planning to slip, we called four different companies and no one was willing to come out, except for you guys. The guy on call that night, Ken, not only drove down to Oconee from Athens, he removed the bats by hand without hurting them, and then with a flashlight climbed up to the top of our chimney and sealed the area where they were getting in to ensure we didn't have the same problem again, he did this for no extra charge on his on accord and gave us a guarantee on the work. What more can I say, that's service!

Micheal Snead - Kennesaw (December 2005)
We're animal lovers, yes, even rats... your company not only has the best prices, but was the only company that offered removal of the rats without killing them. We know it took a lot of extra time to do it that way and we were impressed that we didn't get hit with any extra charges for the service. Great customer service.

Mary Highfield - Atlanta (July 2005)
My son saw a Copperhead snake under his bathroom sink. The snake then crawled down behind the wall into our crawl space. We called Clarke County Animal Control who told us that they could not go into our crawl space or behind a wall to get the snake. They gave us your number and told us that you would track the snake down and remove it. Your tech, Matt arrived at our house 45 minutes later and spent almost 3 hours tracking the snake down. He finally removed the snake by hand from behind a vent, then sealed our house giving us a 3 year guarantee on the work. Good Job Matt!

Tamara Timerall - Lawrenceville
We bought a house in Lawrenceville that was almost 100 years old. We learned two months later that we had some uninvited guests.. over 100 bats living in our attic. For the next two years we had 3 other companies come out to remove the bats, only to see the bats return a month later. When we call them them back, we were told there was nothing else that could be done. My boss at work gave me your company's number, you had done some work for him in the past. I was impressed how fast you sent someone out and that they were able to get the job done right the first time. The house was sealed up tight as a drum and the guano infested insulation was removed and replaced. It's been 3 months now and we haven't seen or heard another bat. The technicians you sent out were courteous, professional and really seem to understand how to resolve the problem. Thanks a million. I would recommend you to anyone.


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