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Process to Successful Nuisance Wildlife Control

Animal Eviction Process

Our expert animal removal technicians are skilled in providing you with a complete on-stop solution to your nuisance animal control problems.

1. INSPECT: There are many clues that our team can use to identify the animal intruder including animal droppings, scratch marks, shredded material, installation pilings, holes, hair, skin shedding (snakes), surrounding area foliage, nests, and structural damage. Our technicians will inspect the affected areas for these clues, filling out a checklist of what was found. In Georgia, increasing number of home buyers are requesting to have nuisance animal inspection report of the property.

2. DIAGNOSE: Determining the type of intruder is important during the eviction process. Different species have various reasons for entering a building or residence with particular behaviors and needs which influence the selection of the most effective method of safe removal and reentry prevention. Our certified technicians will effectively diagnose the problem and present one or more solutions to the problem found along with a written estimate.

3. CAPTURE: Once engaged, we focus on selecting the most humane method of capturing the animals. Our certified Wildlife Control Professionals utilize the most effective techniques and equipment available to ensure the animals captured without harm whenever possible.

4. REMOVE: The problem wildlife is removed from the site when possible. Animals B' Gone, Inc. does everything possible to remove animals without harm. In the rarest of cases, where there is no other option, and only at the customer's request, we will actually exterminate an animal. An example of this would be when an animal such as a rat has food and water in the residence or business and therefore would have to be eliminated, or in the case where there is venomous snake that would pose a threat to humans.

5. EXCLUDE: Exclusion work can be optionally performed to install barriers to keep the nuisance wildlife from affecting the site again. We are one of a handful of companies in the nation that offers a lifetime Warranty with all exclusion work.

6. REPAIR: Damage caused by the wildlife including structural damage to the walls, roof, wood, and electrical can result from an infestation. In such cases, most other companies will simply refer you to the yellow pages to find someone to fix the damage. Animals B'Gone has relationship with trusted and insured contractors who will fix any damage caused by the wildlife or our removal process.

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