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Animal Hazards

As development continues all over the U.S., and humans continue to move into the natural habitat of animals, there are more to be concerned about than just the occasional uninvited visitor at or around your property. Many of these animals pose health risks as well as costly damage to your homes, even sometimes resulting in fires. It is important to first understand the characteristics of the animal and know why it is invading your home. Then you must be aware of the potential risks the animal poses.

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Monthly Warning!
Avoid Costly Damage from Nesting Squirrels in your Attic

An attic provides a warm, dry environment, the perfect conditions for squirrels seeking a place to build a nest and raise offspring. They are more than mere pests or nuisances. Squirrels living in your attic are a serious problem which must be eliminated quickly. Damage to the house due to gnawing includes a fire hazard since they will chew on a wire as readily as they will chew on wood.

If you have actually seen a squirrel enter the attic, it is probably nesting inside. Scratching sounds early in the morning and late in the afternoon are another warning sign that there is a squirrel living in the attic.

Poisoning or shooting squirrels is not a good idea. In many areas including Georgia, local laws and ordinances prohibit these methods. Even if local laws allow it, poisoning is not a good solution. You will create a potential health hazard for yourself and your family if a squirrel dies inside the house. If it dies outside of your house, it could pose a health hazard to pets or other animals. Learn how we can help prevent this growlingly common problem with squirrels in Georgia [ Click Here ]

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More people have died in the world from rodent related diseases than any other cause.

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