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Animal Hazards : Snakes


Many people wonder, after years without seeing a snake, why one suddenly appears in or around a building. The most obvious answer is that the snake has located a food source, usually small mammals. Also, shelter and reproductive areas, such as mulch piles, could be available, thus attracting snakes to dwellings.

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::Health Risks

  • Snake bites can be deadly. Never handle a snake before absolutely being sure about the type of snake you're handling.

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::Other Risks

  • Snakes pose no property damage, however since most snakes feed on rodents, if you see one in the house, it normally means that you have other problems with rats or mice that need immediate attention.

::Removal & Treatment

  • There is no known effective snake repellent that can be used safely without danger to humans and pets. Snakes are an essential component of Georgia's wildlife resources, thus we will always attempt first to remove snakes using non-lethal methods.
  • Our service includes a thorough, comprehensive inspection and evaluation of the site. The systematic location, capture and removal of any physically accessible snakes found in the service area.  Please note that by physically accessible we mean any snake that can be reached without resorting to structural or appliance disassembly, excavation or the use of demolition or pyrotechnics (and yes, we've actually been asked to do all of these, though of course, we declined).
  • Preventive or reductive measures.  This section is also called the identification of species-specific points of attractiveness.  There are over 115 species of snakes and countless sub-species of snakes recognized by the scientific community as living in the United States alone.  They have different requirements, eat different types of prey and may even reproduce differently.  We will determine if there are points of attractiveness present in or around the home that would serve to either attract or serve to sustain a given population of snakes.  Your prompt removal of these points of attractiveness or your modification of those which cannot be removed will deprive snakes of a motive to remain there with you.
  • Identification of existing or developing points of access or entry leading into structures. Since the abilities of different species of snakes vary greatly (some are great climbers others - from the back of the remedial climbing class, are less so) and since it is often the species of snake which determines the openings most likely to be used, you can imagine how many openings are overlooked by layperson and by the various problem generalist who momentarily insert themselves into our field.  We will identify openings usable by snakes (90% of which can be filled by the average homeowner without having to hire a contractor).  Keeping doors closed is not a bad idea either.

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